Top SEO techniques that will work in 2024


Learn what are the best SEO techniques that can help your site to get ranked above at the search engine result page but before that let’s get familiar with the term SEO. SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” In simple terms, SEO means the process of improving your website to increase its visibility in Google, Microsoft Bing, and learn SEO techniques and other search engines whenever people search for:

  • Products you sell.
  • Services you provide.
  • Information on topics in which you have deep expertise and/or experience.

Types of SEO

There are three types of SEO:

  • Technical SEO: Optimizing the technical aspects of a website.
  • On-site SEO: Optimizing the content on a website for users and search engines.
  • Off-site SEO: Creating brand assets (e.g., people, marks, values, vision, slogans, catchphrases, colors) and doing things that will ultimately enhance brand awareness and recognition (i.e., demonstrating and growing its expertise, authority and trustworthiness) and demand generation.

You maintain 100% control over content and technical optimizations. That’s not always true with off-site (you can’t control links from other sites or if platforms you rely on end up shutting down or making a major change), but those activities are still a key part of this SEO trinity of success. 

Imagine SEO as a sports team. You need both a strong offense and defense to win – and you need fans (a.k.a., an audience). Think of technical optimization as your defense, content optimization as your offense, and off-site optimization as ways to attract, engage and retain a loyal fanbase


Technical SEO is the process of ensuring that a website meets the technical requirements of modern search engines with the goal of improved organic rankings. Important elements of technical SEO include crawling, indexing, rendering, and website architecture


Google Search Console is a free service offered by Google that helps you monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your site’s presence in Google Search results. You don’t have to sign up for Search Console to be included in Google Search results, but Search Console helps you understand and improve how Google sees your site.

Search Console offers tools and reports for the following actions:

Confirm that Google can find and crawl your site.

Fix indexing problems and request re-indexing of new or updated content.

View Google Search traffic data for your site: how often your site appears in Google Search, which search queries show your site, how often searchers click through for those queries, and more.

Receive alerts when Google encounters indexing, spam, or other issues on your site.

Show you which sites link to your website.


On-site SEO (also known as on-page SEO) is the practice of optimizing elements on a website (as opposed to links elsewhere on the Internet and other external signals collectively known as “off-site SEO”) in order to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic from search engines. On-site SEO refers to optimizing both the content and HTML source code of a page. This SEO technique creates a heavy concrete base for your site to get ranked higher is the Search engine result page.

Both on-site and off-site SEO form two of the basics of Search Engine Optimization when trying to rank your site.

Beyond helping search engines interpret page content, proper on-site SEO also helps users quickly and clearly understand what a page is about and whether it addresses their search query. In essence, good on-site SEO helps search engines understand what a human would see (and what value they would get) if they visited a page, so that search engines can reliably serve up what human visitors would consider high-quality content about a particular search query (keyword).

The ultimate goal of on-site SEO can be thought of as attempting to make it as easy as possible for both search engines and users to:

  • Understand what a webpage is about;
  • Identify that page as relevant to a search query or queries (i.e. a particular keyword or set of keywords);
  • Find that page useful and worthy of ranking well on a search engine results page (SERP).

Off-page SEO includes activities done off of a website in an effort to increase the site’s search engine rankings. Common off-page SEO actions include building backlinks, encouraging branded searches, and increasing engagement and shares on social media. Off Page SEO techniques is one the important and crucial SEO techniques that builds trust over consumers or user of your website.

In order, the other most important off-page SEO metrics are:

  • Page Authority Score: The Authority Score of the individual page
  • Number of referring IPs (domain): The number of different IP addresses that link to the domain
  • Number of referring domains (domain): The number of different domains that link to the domain
  • Number of referring IPs (URL): The number of different IP addresses that link to the page
  • Number of referring domains (URL): The number of different domains that link to the page
  • Number of backlinks (domain): The total number of backlinks that point to the domain
  • Number of backlinks (URL): The total number of backlinks that point to the page.

Although there are certain SEO techniques but some of the techniques that can make Impact to this field;

Google Search Console is a free tool that helps users measure their site’s traffic, see keyword performance, fix issues, and receive messages from Google about their website. It provides insight on how a website is doing in organic search as well as ways to make adjustments to the site in the Google index. (Unlike Google Analytics though, Search Console only provides info on traffic that comes from web search – not other segments like direct traffic, traffic from ads, or traffic from site referrals).

 Anchor text is the clickable text in a hyperlink. SEO technique best practices dictate that anchor text be relevant to the page you’re linking to, rather than generic text. The blue, underlined anchor text is the most common as it is the web standard, although it is possible to change the color and underline through html code. The keywords in anchor text are one of the many signals search engines use to determine the topic of a web page.

A word or phrase in the content of your web pages that matches the words and phrases users are entering into search engines as closely as possible. The idea is to speak the same language as users when they make their search queries so you rank higher in their organic search results based on relevance. keywords include: marketing platform, email marketing, landing pages, and automation tools. The keyword is the cornerstone of search engine optimization (SEO). This is one of the used SEO technique that has been a crucial move for a SEO.

Although there are so many other SEO techniques but Rich Snippets (also known as “Rich Results”) are normal Google search results with additional data displayed. This extra data is usually pulled from Structured Data found in a page’s HTML. Common Rich Snippet types include reviews, recipes and events.
Google typically pulls these extra details from special code (structured data markup) found in the webpage’s HTML.

Unique content is online content that is created to be completely different than any other content found on the web. Creating this kind of content is extremely important because it can enhance search engine optimization (SEO). The opposite is duplicate content, which is content that can found word-for-word on the web. In contrast to unique content, duplicate content doesn’t perform well in regards to SEO and SEO techniques.

A backlink is a link that one website gets from another. In addition to driving brand awareness and referral traffic, backlinks can benefit your SEO performance. Many sites accrue backlinks naturally, but marketers often work to generate and maintain them.
Semrush is the target site that has received the backlink (an incoming or inbound link from another domain). This platform builds a confidence and an impression on the target audience. This SEO technique is one of the main and crucial for Off page 
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