DPP -11C12





Q1. 12.044 × 1023 molecules of 𝐶𝑂2 at STP. Find


(i) mass of the sample given

(ii) Number of moles of CO2

(iii) Volume of CO2 in L at STP

(iv) Number of ‘O’ atoms.

(v) Number of ‘C’ atoms.




Q2. An atom of 12𝐶. Find mass in grams.




Q3. 2560g of 𝑆8 sulphur molecule. Find


(i) Number of molecule

(ii) Number of atom of sulphur.




Q4.  A sample of 684 g of 𝐶12𝐻22𝑂11 is taken in china dish. Find


(i) Number of mole

(ii) Number of particles of each atom.

(iii) What will be the Number of molecules if the value is changed to 1026 g.




Q5. Chlorophyl contains 2.4 % of Mg (by mass). Find the Mg atoms in 100g chlorophyl.




Q6. Which have the largest number of atom? Explain.


(i) 1g of Li

(ii) 1g of Au (µ = 197)

(iii) 1g of Na

(iv) 1g of 𝐶𝑙2

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